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A united Europe - a free and peaceful coexistence of people and cultures!

Europe depends on people who put this European idea into practice through their projects and initiatives - in all areas of life and beyond local, regional and national borders.

The Emperor-Maximilian-Prize of the Region of the Tyrol and the City of Innsbruck honours and supports European togetherness and offers incentives for further concepts.


Facing challenges together - for a stronger Europe
"Civil society commitment and the contribution of young Europeans in times of crisis"

COVID-19 has shaped and changed our world in the past years. Many of our amenities, like the unlimited access to public, social and cultural institutions, or the freedom of unrestricted travel are now constrained and no longer a matter of course.

The Emperor-Maximilian-Prize 2021 therefore aimed particularly at initiatives and projects that have found a way to live the European bond notwithstanding the changed circumstances.

Günther Platter, Governor of Tyrol

Günther Platter, Governor of Tyrol
Especially in particularly challenging times like these, it is more important than ever not to fall back into selfish nationalism, but to overcome the pandemic and its consequences together. The Region of the Tyrol and the City of Innsbruck are paying particular attention to young people, their approaches and initiatives. Together with them we want to shape the future of Europe.

Georg Willi, Mayor of Innsbruck

Georg Willi, Mayor of Innsbruck
A strong, united Europe needs people who creatively realize their ideas and projects despite suddenly emerging obstacles. Your example gives us hope.