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A united Europe - a free and peaceful coexistence of people and cultures!

Europe depends on people who put this European idea into practice through their projects and initiatives - in all areas of life and beyond local, regional and national borders.

The Emperor-Maximilian-Prize of the Region of the Tyrol and the City of Innsbruck honours and supports European togetherness and offers incentives for further concepts.


Emperor-Maximilian-Prize 2023
Over the past months or even years Europe has changed a lot. War, energy crisis and inflation are causing uncertainty and fear. These challenges can only be faced through strong European cooperation. 
The Emperor-Maximilian-Prize 2023 is particularly aimed at young people and youth institutions. Their ideas and initiatives point the way to how the Europe of tomorrow could look like. Lighthouse projects are sought which can serve as good examples for young people, so that they in turn can actively shape their own future. Above all, the participation of young people is crucial for a viable and sustainable Europe of the future.

Anton Mattle, Governor of Tyrol

Anton Mattle, Governor of Tyrol
In order to ensure a liveable future, we need more than ever a strong common European fundament. Today's youth is the future - the Emperor Maximilian Prize brings their wishes, concerns and ideas to the forefront and makes the European idea visible.

Johannes Anzengruber, Mayor of Innsbruck

Johannes Anzengruber, Mayor of Innsbruck
Where innovation is to be emerge, the free interplay of ideas is needed. By honouring outstanding projects, we bring the individual creativity of young role models into the spotlight. Such role models motivate and inspire us as a European community.